For the programming beginners pointer is a nightmare. But it is not difficult at all. It’s just a kind of data type like everything else. But slightly a tricky one. So, let’s get dive into the pointer:

Pointer is any kind of data type like int, char, string etc.

Just have a look into this:

int p; //here we are declaring p variable which can hold any integer number or any integer type variable.

That means,

int a = 9;

p = 87;//allowed because it’s a integer number

p = a;//allowed because a is a integer type variable

now let’s…

Life is difficult — a very general words we hear everyday from out parents, relatives, from our teachers. Probably most of our friends(in the teenage period) are the only one from whom we never heard of this. It’s because their mind at that age is not matured enough to get the clear picture of the real scenario of the earth, the society and the people. But who are facing off the real world like our parents , our mentors to them it’s not so easy. Because they’re not just leading themselves but also the family. They have to earn their…

This question came to mind while I was solving a problem in codeforces. The problem was all about to take an input from the user. And after that, it will find out whether the number is divisible by odd number or not. This problem seems very easy in the first look. You can definitely think of using loop to solve this type of problem. But that won’t be a good idea for a input of a large number. Just consider a number 489976. If you are going to check whether this number contain odd divisible or not, you have to…

Today due to some necessity I had to open the back cover of my samsung galaxy j7 nxt smartphone. After that I had uninstalled the battery and insert my SIM card(since it is required to unload the battery to insert the SIM in this type of phone). Then I restarted my phone and I have noticed something unusual to my actual time. The system time was lagging 2 hours from my current time zone. I didn’t take this issue seriously just because I could change my time whenever I need from the date and time setting option. But after some…

Shakawat Absar

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